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MAX is a premier home health care software that is committed to helping you create defensible documentation. Our mission is to ensure your agency is properly reimbursed, by taking a unique approach to how charting is done.

MAX is the only software solution built around the nursing process, providing a consistent, structured method for efficient and properly-narrated charting.

In an increasingly value-based environment, choosing MAX ensures you create individualized, patient-specific documentation and that you are properly reimbursed for the care you provide.


MAX is built around the nursing process and produces better charts, every time.

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MAX ensures you are properly reimbursed for the care you provide.
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Software that aids your team

  • Easy-to-use problem solving workflow
  • Patient-specific documentation
  • Built in narratives allow clinicians to narrate and specify, without limits
  • OASIS item “guidance” assists with improving quality scores
  • Central scheduling combined with care authorizations helps your continuity of care
  • Excellent cost reporting and billing features
  • Custom dashboards offer quick access to valuable data you need

"MAX helps us create better documentation and patient-specific plans of care."
- Amy Gil, United Nursing Service

About MAX Homecare Solutions

We're a software company devoted to our customers. We've been providing home health software for over 30 years, with deep ties to the home health industry. Learn more about MAX and why we're in this for you.

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